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    Thursday, June 08, 2006

    Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi is Dead

    I, like everyone else woke up this morning to the news that American soldiers killed Al-Zarqawi via two 500lb. bombs.

    If you decapitate one head of a hydra, does the body die?

    We will find out.

    Fox News
    has been very positive about this development all morning, reporting that,

    "Loud applause broke out as al-Maliki, flanked by U.S. Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad and U.S. Gen. George Casey, the top commander in Iraq, made the announcement at a news conference in Baghdad Thursday that Zarqawi was "terminated."

    CNN's very first paragraph is:

    "Al-Zarqawi's death gives Iraq a chance to "turn the tide" in the fight against the nation's insurgency, President Bush said at the White House."

    The only really lukewarm reaction is from the BBC, saying,

    However, the death of one man does not necessarily bring a breakthrough ... he was not a one-man band.

    Lately most of my posts have been about Vietnam, but those of you who know me personally should know that I supported the war in Iraq when we started. Since that time, I personally disagree with much of how the Bush Administration has conducted it, but I still support the general issue.

    If you decapitate one head of a hydra, does the body die?

    I think we need to be in Iraq, and I am ok with the realization that troops will need to be in Iraq for probably 50 years.

    You may call me a warmonger, but that's not it at all, and the reasons behind my simplified position stated above warrant a separate post or three, but I think this is pretty good evidence that although people die, things are moving forward over there.

    And moving to Vietnam...where's the reporting of Al-zarqawi in Vietnam? Actually, the Tuoi Tre has an article on his death, but it is not on the front page like CNN, BBC, and FOX. You have to dig through the "the gioi" (world) section to find it. NOTE: Before finishing this article, the front page of the Tuoi Tre was updated and this article was put on the front page, though not the number one article.

    Although down towards the bottom of the first page, the Nhan Dan gets it on the first page, still under the "the gioi" section.

    Let's hope that this is a significant step towards stabilization in Iraq and pressure on Iran, not just a fleshwound to a hydra.

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