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    Monday, June 19, 2006

    Javascript vs. Browser: My blog

    Why oh why can't web browsers do things the same AND WELL?? You may have read about my new blog layout....well it's taken another iteration, and is in Beta form. The Bleeding Ear v.2 Beta. you can catch it on my test blog: here.

    The problem is, I am not a good programmer. It takes me forever to do what I'm sure some others, like ecmanaut, Aditya, and those at Freshblog could do in minutes. Because of that, it's taken me quite a long time to put this together and I have two issues to resolve.

    First, i need to think up a good header. Oh...I dunno. Any ideas would be appreciated. Something that really encapsulates this blog.

    Second, my new layout doesn't look the same in all browsers!!! AAAGGGHHHH!!!! It's getting annoying, because I spent a long time yesterday trying to fix my blogroll only to see that it looks fine in Opera 9.0 Beta 2, and pretty good in IE 6. Why does it look funny in Firefox and Flock?

    (Yes, I have four browsers, but I don't think that's abnormal anymore, do you??)

    I know it must be the javascript. Whenever I import the javascript and write as a list (see my blogroll from blogrolling and my topics from Freshtags and my recent comments by BloggerHacks) the css formatting doesn't look right in Firefox. This is odd, because firefox is the more modern browser compared to IE 6, so I thought IE would be the one giving me problems. And Opera shows the javascript correctly, but doesn't center the icons in the sidebar like I get in Firefox. O tempora O mores!!

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