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    Thursday, March 23, 2006

    "[+/-] Show/Hide this Post" Addition

    Today, I have added another feature to the ever expanding Bleeding Ear. TBE is pleased to announce the ability to expand or close a post. If you see a link saying "[+/-] show/hide this post" or something similar to that, you can click on the link and get the rest of the post--in the same window--thanks to javascript.

    As my rudementary knowledge of programming improves, I will bring you even more new and improved, or at least new to this blog and hopefully improved, additions. Comments and suggestions, even complaints are ok.

    Hopefully this change will allow the mainpage of TBE to be less cluttered. Therefore, those of you who want to read my whole long post on the Cao Dai religion and watch the video can, and those who want to skip to my long post on how Microsoft Live search sucks, will not have to scroll down all the way through the Cao Dai post.

    Here's to many more improvements in this world brought to you by or through The Bleeding Ear!

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