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    Monday, March 06, 2006

    The $289 Hamburger

    Here is the transcript from my IM conversation with my father and mother a couple days ago.  It speaks for itself. (minor editing of superfluous conversation and grammar)


    me: Hello.  You online?
    my mom: Finally!
    me: wassup?
    my mom: [your uncle] was in jail yesterday
    me: why??
    my mom: for driving on a suspended license
    me: when and why was it suspended, and why'd he get pulled over in the first place?
    my mom: we had to pay about 275.00 to get him out plus he owes 380.00 for a license
    my dad: yo
    me: yo! wassup dog?
    my dad: guess we're a couple of yo-yo's
    me: lol
    my dad: your uncle was in jail yesterday
    me: that's what I heard.  Mom said he had a suspended licence or something
    my dad: ok -- mom told you about it?
    me : not really.  She said one line
    my dad: apparently he had a previous ticket he had failed to pay and the state had suspended his license.  Then he got stopped for some reason, they checked his license, and took him to jail for driving with a suspended license.
    me: did you ever find out why he got stopped?  Or what the original ticket was for?
    my dad: No.  There was no citation other than driving with suspended license.
    me: Interesting... and is he still there?
    my dad: no -- we got him out.  First called a bail bondsman, but they would not accept a credit card over the phone and jail only takes cash.
    me: so what'd you do?
    my dad: ended up calling jasper's restaurant -- owned by a friend of his
    me: k
    my dad: gave them my credit card and had them charge me for a $289 cheeseburger.  Then they went to the jail, took him a cheeseburger and paid the jail the $279 in cash.
    me: lol.  that's the most expensive cheeseburger he'll ever eat!
    my dad: chao con
    me: chao cha

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