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    Monday, October 24, 2005

    Noodlepie in St. Louis II

    Alright, do I have a lot of posts milling around my mind?? Yes, yes I do.

    The other place to stop at in St. Louis is Ted Drewes Frozen Custard.


    For those not yet educated in the ways of ice cream, frozen custard originated in Ohio, where some awesome soul decided to increase the amount of egg yolks in ice cream and decrease the air. What you have is a dish named "concrete," because you can turn your cup upside down and it doesn't budge.

    I got a Strawberry-banana concrete. The texture of a fruit concrete is not as thick, and that was depressing. However, the sizes are generous, the workers take orders quickly (since Ted's is almost always busy), and the flavors work great together. No stale ice cream taste or old, frozen fruit taste. Good, fresh, Vanilla/Strawberry/Banana.


    Ted Drewes is a must-eat if you are passing through St. Louis. Recently, a food magazine rated Ted's as one of the top 12 best ice cream places in the United States. It's even a Route 66 landmark.


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