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    Tuesday, October 04, 2005

    I've moved

    The reason for no posting over the last week has been one thing...I moved. No longer do my wife and I rent a basement! We are now renting a large, beautiful house in north Provo. I will have to upload some pics. What's the one thing I've learned from moving??

    I HATE having to remember who I need to call to change my address (bank statements, medical school applications...etc.). Ugh...

    Otherwise, a few ruminations.

    I don't consider myself a conservative, but I agree with their anger over Bush's pick. Miers? Give me a break. My support of Bush has been dropping steadily over the last month. This didn't help it.

    Winter is coming FAR too soon here. Today it's been low 40s all day long and raining. Ugh.

    BYU is holding it's 12th annualLaw & Religion Symposium. This year's topic is "Religion and the World's Legal Traditions." Three delegates from Vietnam (among 50 countries) are here. All three seem like fine men. Yesterday Nguyen Huy Khac gave a speech on the new religious freedom laws enacted in Vietnam. I must praise Vietnam for their new laws. I was over there last summer, when the laws were ratified (they were enacted in November), and it looked like this could be the beginning of guaranteeing religious freedom. And it is. Granted, Vietnam still requires things that make it nearly impossible to be a state legalized religion, but the guaranteeing of religious freedom and tolerance in obvious and unambiguous words is a good first step and should be lauded. So I do.

    I think playing a regular season NFL game in Mexico city was brilliant. Over 103 thousand fans... and the Cardinals played well (that's amazing as well). When will Mexico get it's first NFL team?? The Mexico City Aztecs?? Well, maybe in the NFL, but that wouldn't be allowed in the NCAA...

    I don't think they have enough info to convict Tom Delay, but I harbor a suspicion he's more guilty than we think...

    ...and so are many, many more congressmen.

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