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    Thursday, March 20, 2008

    TBE Play For A Cause

    Ok, so the tourney has started. Not everything went as planned. My idea of having a pool that donated money instead of taking it, has come to fruition, but not everyone got into the ESPN group on time.

    That's four people in the pool. Not much, but not bad for a last second idea. And the winner will get $40.

    So far, the organizations that our being represented are:

    Students for a Free Tibet
    National Ovarian Cancer Alliance
    Heifer International

    I will update this with the other organizations as I find them out.

    Notice: Also, because of the mixup in posting brackets (some posted on FanNation and others on ESPN and one that ESPN didn't accept because of server backlog...) I am making it clear that I am using my bracket on ESPN, because that was my original intention, even though as of right now it is doing worse than my FanNation bracket. I must be fair. Also, in case the scoring is different between the two sites, we will use the ESPN scoring also. I don't foresee that being an issue.

    Good luck!


    Sara said...

    Sooo sorry :( Leave it to the chick to mess everything up :P Since you also entered a bracket on FanNation, and we're in the same group there, that's where you can see my bracket. Also, what's your address so that I can send you the check (you don't have to post it here--do you have mine or Rob's email address?)

    Sara said...

    Oh, and my charity is Heifer International (Heifer.org)

    Triet said...

    Holy cow, that's crazy, and no pun intended. I totally had this debate with my mother last night over whether to go with Heifer International or National Ovarian Cancer Alliance.

    She chose Ovarian Cancer. If not, it may have been a stacked deck!

    I don't know your email address. I just have an old yahoo one for Rob.

    I have a gmail account. Email me at thebleedingear. Then we can set things up.

    So you and rob are playing together on one bracket? Just making sure.

    Triet said...

    BYU lost .... khóc hu hu hu... I had a bet with a family friend, and now my son has to wear maroon. Khóc hu hu hu...

    Here's the official rules from ESPN, so you know how scoring is being kept:

    # Scoring. From all eligible entries received, the 1st Place Prize winner will be determined based on their ability to use their skill and knowledge of U.S. men's college basketball to accumulate the most points during the Promotion Period. A correct answer in a given round is shown below:

    Round 1 - 10 points per pick
    Round 2 - 20 points per pick
    Round 3 - 40 points per pick
    Round 4 - 80 points per pick
    Round 5 - 120 points per pick
    Round 6 - 160 points per pick

    Tiebreaker #1 - The predicted score of the championship game is compared to the score of the championship game. The differences between the predicted scores and actual scores are calculated and added. The entry with the smallest total difference is considered the winning entry.

    If more than one entry has the smallest total difference, those entries go on to the next tiebreaker:

    Tiebreaker #2 - Number of points scored in Round 6.
    Tiebreaker #3 - Number of points scored in Round 5.
    Tiebreaker #4 - Number of points scored in Round 4.
    Tiebreaker #5 - Number of points scored in Round 3.
    Tiebreaker #6 - Number of points scored in Round 2.
    Tiebreaker #7 - Number of points scored in Round 1.

    Sara said...

    Hey--maroon is awesome! It could have been much worse: he might have had to wear burnt orange, or even worse yet...