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    Saturday, March 22, 2008

    NCAA Tourney Thoughts

    Texas A&M got jobbed. If you look at the close up replay of that last shot, it was no block. The UCLA defender clearly swiped both arms. That said, you could feel it slipping away for the last 5 min of the game, as A&M just seemed to lose that killer instinct and start playing not to lose.

    This marks the second year in a row that my BYU Cougars have lost to the #9 seed (Xavier in '07) who has then gone on to almost beat the #1 seed (Xavier lost in overtime to Ohio St.). I guess that gives some vindication that we at least got a good opponent. Just once, I'd like BYU to get a #7 or #10 seed, rather than an #8. At least then you get the #2 in the second game.

    Standings for the pool shifted greatly today. That surprised me. "MoJo" jumped into the middle of the pack, while "Heifer International (ESPN)" dropped way out of first place. After mulling it over, the culprit is ESPN's scoring. It gives 10pts per game the first round game for 320 total points, and 20 points per second round game, for 320 total points. Essentialy what that means is that picking poorly the first round hurts you less than picking poorly later on. Since only 8 games were played today, picking one incorrectly was worth 2 of last rounds via points, but is even more precarious because you'll only have 4 games next round.

    So if you pick poorly but spread them out in your bracket, that's better than missing everything in one region, where you automatically doom yourself to losing points in the later rounds because neither of your picks made the next game.

    That said, since tomorrow another 160 points are up for grabs, anything's possible.


    Triet said...

    From the Houston Chronicle:

    "...it appears from photos that Josh Shipp's left hand was wrapped around Sloan's wrist on the shot. But it was ruled a block..."

    If you're betting people (which I'm not), the NCAA did the right thing and adjusted the score, since the final dunk came after time expired. I never noticed that, but evidently many people did -- I guess money makes you watch harder. So the final score was 51-49.

    I updated my post with a picture from the chronicle article.

    Sara said...

    Hey--Just to let you know, I changed my blog's URL


    Sara said...


    Hey--did you get my email about my score?

    Triet said...

    Sorry. Just got it. Life has been crazy this week -- long story -- but I got it now!

    Sara said...

    Thanks for fixing it...and yeah, I'm totally bummed about my old url. I mean, it's not really a big deal because if I search for my name, it doesn't come up. It just sucks that I didn't think it through enough before changing over.