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    Friday, March 28, 2008

    Magic 8 Review 2

    The Sweet 16 is over, and so are the dreams of 8 more teams.

    After showing you Grant Wahl's Magic 8, I thought it'd be nice to relook after the Sweet 16 was over.


    1. Georgetown -- WRONG. After seeing Davidson defeat them, I felt assured that my seeding of Davidson #5 and Georgetown #4 was correct. After seeing Davidson smash #1 Wisconsin tonight, I fear I was very, very, wrong. How will #3 Davidson fair against #1 Kansas??

    2. Indiana -- WRONG. Dead and gone like their coach.

    3. Kansas -- CORRECT. In my just-for-fun pool I'm losing by 10 points to a Jayhawk. I hope Davidson slays another Goliath.

    4. Louisville -- CORRECT. After Tennessee I would have thought they're a lock for the Final Four ... except they have to play Psycho T and the Tarheels. That'll be tough, but doable, and screw my bracket if it happens. Maybe Pitino should break out his white suit again.

    5. Memphis -- CORRECT. They absolutely embarrassed Michigan State, but don't read into it too much. Michigan State should be Mercurial State the way their basketball skills are so labile. Texas also destroyed a Stanford team expected to keep it much closer. Memphis will get it's licks, but Texas will keep on ticking.

    6. Tennessee -- WRONG. The Malady did them in, along with sloppy guard play, and suddenly I'm not my mother's favorite son (I convinced her to take Tennessee over UNC to represent the East in the Final Four). Sorry mom.

    7. UCLA -- CORRECT. Poor Western Kentucky. I hate UCLA, but not their cheerleaders. Having lived in Southern California twice in my life, I can say honestly, the Beach Boys got it right when they said, "I wish they all could be California girls."

    8. Xavier -- CORRECT. My hope continues...if Davidson can spank Wisconsin by almost 20, Xavier can defeat both UCLA and the referees in one game, right? My prayers ascend to Heaven for thee, Xavier, that thy warriors may be strong, win handily, and carry off thine enemy's handmaids into the Final Four.

    So, did the odds change?

    Before this round, there was a 2% chance that a Magic 8 team would win it all.
    Since I don't know Vegas odds for these matchups, we see:

    East -- 50%
    Midwest -- 50%
    South -- 50%
    West -- 100%

    are the chances straight up of a Magic 8 team making the Final Four. So, there's now about a 4.7% chance that one wins it all.

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