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    Friday, January 19, 2007

    School-Girl Fight

    Another article on CNN describes girls fighting at school, and some idiot stabbed and KILLED another student in Boston the other day. All that got me thinking about how Youtube.com always gets fingered for having fight videos.

    How many? Lots. Tons. That kinda surprised me, but i guess it shouldn't. However, in comparison with these fights we've just heard about, hear's a video of a girl fight in Vietnam--similar to one's I've seen, and much better, in my opinion.

    (Plus I get to try out Youtube's blog posting stuff and see if it's worth it).


    Anonymous said...

    Dude, you are one bored student. Your blogs as of late lack insight and are generally uninteresting. I am rather disappointed. But then again, chances are not much of anything is really happening in your life right now anyway. I mean, how many times do I have to read about your undying love for your wife? I know your wife, she is a wonderful person, but I think you are just a bit smitten. A few more years of marriage and a couple of kids will fix that soon enough.

    Triet said...

    Well, interesting proposal, but I doubt it--about the wife thing that is. Actually I was kinda jaded looking into the whole marriage thing, seeing as how most families I knew had relationship issues. Ok, sure, mom and dad might stay together, but that doesn't mean things were ok.

    I have been truly surprised by how wonderful things have been after the first 6 mo "get to know you" time was over. Since we're in agreement on big issues like kids, I doubt they'll change our happiness level.

    Now, to the bigger issue: blogs. Yes, my blogging is not what it should be. I've been depressed. I thought that it would be better to separate my blogs into a life/political blog (TBE) and one just on medical school (AMSL). However, I found over the last semester that medical school is TOO HARD, TOO TIME CONSUMING, to run two blogs. Maybe others can do it, but I couldn't. So, this semester I am cutting back. I'm focusing on school, wife, being president of my AMA chapter, and ONLY this blog. That way I hope to find time to research and provide more insightful posts on the current events that interest me.