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    Thursday, January 18, 2007

    Old Man Winter...

    The last two days have been amazing. The cold front sweeping through the nation finally hit Houston, and we've had winter for the first time. When living in Utah I wasn't a huge fan of the snow and cold, but it was beautiful and did give variation to the year. It was such a pain to drive in though.
    I was beginning to be afraid that we might get three seasons here but not four

    Now I'm in Houston and December was warm--50s and 60s warm. I was beginning to be afraid that we might get three seasons here but not four. However, it's finally into the 30s, and although it's not likely to stay there for long, it'll be in the 40s for the next week or so. At the very least, I'll get two weeks of winter.

    It's funny to see everyone react to the cold. People have no experience driving--living--in cold weather. It hit 31, 32 degrees, with a little ice on the roads, and about two-thirds of the school districts closed. The other one-third opened late. I drove my wife to work and there was no ice on the roads at all except for a little patch on an entry ramp to the 59 freeway. I hit it, skidded a little, and kept going--nothing major at all--but it had caught someone inexperienced because there was a wheel laying in the middle of the ramp--not a tire, but the metal wheel of a car.

    It's too bad I have exams next week, or I might be able to spend some time outside in the refreshing cold air. As it is, I have to make due with breathing it in while waiting for the bus, and trying to warm my feet on my cold, cold hardwood floor.

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    Please send the heat this way.