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    Friday, January 19, 2007

    The cold of Utah...The Universal Problem of New Labbies

    Ouch, is it cold. I cannot even ride my bike outside. Well, who in their right mind would want to ride in Lycra in a single digit wind chill? Not I.

    But I cannot explain why people who sign up to be part of a science lab do not commit more time to the lab when the weather is horrible outside? Shouldn't they enjoy the heat of an autoclave or a hot water bath? I say nay. They (the labbies) do not take the time to hibernate in the lab. Maybe they are in the library or cuddling up with a good read such as a biochemistry textook or a book on evolutionary biology. I think my thoughts deceive me. The labbies are not looking up journal articles. They are not studying. They are wandering through the mists of darkness of not understanding that they are not alone in the process of research! Each labbie may "own" a project, but they do not understand that the only way to come to a knowledge of the truth of research is by performing it. It is time for them to step into the unknown, the darkness of the lab and turn on the light to see that the pathway is lighted that much more after they make the initial step.

    Till next time.


    Triet said...

    Yes, I've heard from your curly-haired lab manager that labbies just aren't made like they used to be. It's cold in Utah, but have you had a lot of snow?? Have they fixed the temperature problems in the lab yet, or is it still incredibly hot during the summer and cold during the winter?

    xanghe said...

    Hey Triết, you still ride your bike? Man, when I read that, it brought back memories of cruisin the streets of Bolsa and fixing our bike in the Doghouse garage. Well, just reminiscing...


    p.s. Hey, check me out... no seriously, check me out...

    Triet said...

    Phuong oi, how could I forget. In fact, I was looking at my not-new but new bike today, and reminiscing about those days. I wanna start riding my bike to school, and if that happens, I wanna be a greasemonkey again.