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    Thursday, January 11, 2007

    A Crazy Day

    Monday was a crazy day. I looked up trying to find a full moon--since full moons often are harbringers of disaster--but to no avail.

    I was at the bus stop when my wife called me. The car was smoking. Quick change of plans. I hopped another bus and eventually reached my poor wife, sitting in our car, late for work, and found the radiator busted. The metal "T" that connects the radiator to the hose was snapped clean off. Old radiators suck. After getting my wife on another bus and off to work, I grabbed a tow truck, took it to a shop, and went to school.

    I want to highlight how awesome the public transportation in Houston is. People think that Houston is so large a city, that you MUST have a car. Well, I have been able to go anywhere with minimal planning because the routes are so well done.

    Now, at the end of the day I picked up my car. $500. Sucks. But that's not the big deal. Well, it is big, but not the deal. On my way home, I'm stopped at a light, and I see a college-age girl jogging in place as the light turns from yellow to red. I thought to myself, "Gee, she looks like she wants to run."

    Then, right as the light turns green (for the cross traffic), she takes off. Now, it's not a large street. The car in the turn lane almost goes, but sees her and stops just short of hitting her. The car in the fast lane sees her and stops. The car in the slow lane goes before she gets there, causing the car behind it to go and never see her, until it hits her and she flips over the car hitting the ground.

    All i could think of was "ooooo..." Evidently she was trying to reach her father/older man waiting for her on the other side. She got up and was crying on his shoulder as the man who hit her got out to see what had happened and how bad she was hurt. A couple people pulled over to help also.

    How dumb are you to cross a full street at a green light? I just feel bad for her.

    But that's not the end--I get home and there's an ambulance outside my building. Some old lady was in the back. Dunno why. I talk to two guys waiting for it to leave so they could get to there car, and find out one of the two had his $400 bike stolen a couple hours previous.

    At least after that all i did was study.

    What a crazy day.

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    Lacie Rhiannon said...

    Greatings from UT! Glad to hear life is keeping you on your toes out there in Huston. Almost Tet! Going to do anything fun! Chao Anh, Vietmom