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    Thursday, April 10, 2008

    TBE Play For A Cause Final Results

    March Madness is over, and so is the first annual "Play For A Cause" pool here at The Bleeding Ear.

    Congratulations Heifer International (SI)!

    Sara, from Raising My Ebenezer, beat out yours truly and everyone else to win the inaugural prize. She rode to victory on strong first and second rounds and Memphis in the finals. MoJo took second place, after living at the bottom of the ranks all tournament long. MoJo struck out in the middle rounds, but rode Kansas to the title, proving how important it is to get the later rounds correct.

    I have not received the money from many players yet. Please let me know when I can receive the money so I can make the donation. MoJo and National Ovarian Cancer Alliance -- I know where you live! Please send it my way, or I'll be knocking on your door!

    The winning cause is Heifer International. It is a charity that uses donations to buy animals, trees, and honeybees to support sustainable growth projects in developing countries around the world. It acts very similar to other microenterprise organizations -- conducting projects around the globe that give people tools (in this case animals/bees) to make money via selling milk, herding cattle, plowing fields, collecting honey, etc.

    Heifer International has many projects throughout the world, and it is Sara's prize to choose where she'd like the money donated. My suggestion -- after looking yesterday -- might be to donate to the East Africa Dairy Development Project because the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will match our donation. However, any project's good, and it's Sara's call.

    Thank you to everyone who played this year. We've raised $50 for a worth cause, and I have already heard from people who want to play next year. I think this experiment was a great success, and I'm totally open to suggestions for improving it.

    Once again, congratulations Sara and Heifer International!


    Sara said...

    Woot! :P

    I sent the check this morning--you'll get it in a couple of days :)

    Triet said...

    I received the check yesterday.

    I will make the donation as soon as I get the $$ from MoJo and NOCA -- their reminder emails are sent!

    I start 3 weeks of exams on monday, so posting will be light (it already is) and donating will happen when I find a minute!

    Sara said...

    Kewl beans :) Good luck with finals!