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    Saturday, April 05, 2008

    Predicting the Pool

    As the 2008 March Madness winds down (or develops into a maelstrom, depending on your outlook), so too does the first annual TBE Play For A Cause Pool. I think it has been a qualified success.

    The only part that hasn't worked great is the money (and that is key!). People didn't use the Paypal link I set up, so I need to collect the $10 check from everyone (and I know where you all live!). Hopefully, next time, with more time to prepare, Paypal will work better, BUT, I am definitely open to suggestions on how to securely collect money from people living all over the world.

    That said, the competition has been as fierce as the tournament it mirrors. Almost everyone has had a lead at the end of some day in the tourney. Here's looking at the eight possible remaining results:

    UNC def. Memphis -- Students For A Free Tibet (1210pts)
    UNC def. UCLA -- Students For A Free Tibet (1330pts)

    Kansas def. Memphis -- Heifer International (SI) (1070pts)
    Kansas def. UCLA -- National Ovarian Cancer Alliance (1060pts)

    Memphis def. UNC -- Heifer International (SI) (1350pts)
    Memphis def. Kansas -- Heifer International (SI) (1230pts)

    UCLA def. UNC -- Students For A Free Tibet (1170pts)
    UCLA def. Kansas -- National Ovarian Cancer Alliance (1220pts)

    So, get rooting for your brackets. The outcome is still definitely up in the air!

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