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    Tuesday, April 01, 2008

    April Fool's Day

    April Fool's Day is perhaps my second favorite day of the year (anyone who knows #1 gets a prize).

    Why, you ask? Well, a couple reasons.

    First, it's my birthday, but nobody ever believes me. I remember one year, in high school, sitting at lunch with some friends of mine. High school lunch was awesome, because we had those incredibly long tables with the little stools attached, so we all just sat in big rows and stared at each other while we ate. Of course, this year I was hanging out with the swimmers, because I was friends with a family of three sisters who were on the swim team -- one was in choir with me, another in some AP classes, and the third in my Computer Science class.

    So, of course I tell everyone it's my birthday, and everyone starts laughing except the sister in my AP classes, whom I'll call "R." She says, "well happy birthday!" Immediately everyone starts making fun of her -- the typical, "ha ha! You got fooled!" stuff. "How could you fall for that on April Fool's Day."

    After she had been severely beaten down by the others at the table, I smiled wryly and pulled out my driver's license, proving the truthfulness of my assertion. It was quite the site to see "R" dish back times 10, everything she had just received.

    The second reason I like April Fool's Day is that Google does a great job of playing tricks. People that don't play tricks on April Fool's Day are boring. Dumb. It's like saying "bah humbug!" on Christmas. There's a reason why people who laugh a lot live longer ... but I digress.

    So, today, I log into Blogger and see Blogger Buzz's post about Google Weblogs. Of course I know it's fake. In fact, it's not as believable as Gmail's time change one, but it's still good. I start to click the links to see if there's more to their joke, and I got a Youtube video. It's awesome. Definitely the best joke yet from Google. You MUST go there. However, don't say I didn't warn you.


    Sarah said...

    Hiya Spencer - I just saw your blog listed on Facebook, and I decided to check it out. I was scrolling around (mostly to find out how old your son is...) and found this post. It brought a smile to my face to see a story from high school about my sisters and me. I LOVED senior year lunches - and you just made my day with this old post that is new to me.

    Rachel said...

    Funny the stories people remember! Always good to be reminded of the good times in high school. Thanks for the smiles and hope all well with the kiddo! :)