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    Wednesday, February 01, 2006

    Well, I matched

    This is one of those very weird feelings...the ones you get when you face a fork in a road, but instead of "taking the road less traveled" because you don't know the ending, you know full well where each one leads, and more than one outcome is good.

    I matched with the University of Texas - Houston.  My list, if it matters, was

    1. UTH
    2. UTMB - Galveston
    3. UTSW

    One of the hardest picks I ever had to make.  Everyone, throughout the whole application and interview process, said to go to the medical school that I felt the most comfortable with.  They said one would jump out as the medical school for me.  It never happened.  I felt great at a lot of medical schools, and they were all so different from each other.

    Honestly, I probably felt the best at UTMB.  However, my wife is thinking of getting a MPH or JD, and refuses to live on an island (her only experience with Texas is the hurricanes this year).  UTSW impressed me with great faculty, but I felt the students were not as friendly.

    I ultimately chose UTH because the students seemed friendly, the medical center is huge (so I should get some good experience my 3rd and 4th years), and Houston should be able to offer my wife many opportunities for work or getting a MPH or JD.

    Nevertheless, it's not without regret that I put the other schools down on my list.  I know I could have gone to any of the three, been happy and successful, if it was just me.  However, this is my lot in life, and I am excited about the direction it is moving.  Houston, home, medical center, tropical diseases, family, doctor -- all our things I hope to experience within four years. 

    So, I want to publicly thank everyone for all the support they have given me (especially over the last year as I took the MCAT and applied to schools).  From my coworkers and professors in the lab who kept me laughing and intellectually stimulated to my family and friends back in Houston who kept my head from getting too large and kept me grounded spiritually, I thank you all

    ...and to DJ, if you still want to post my schools for me, they are (so far ... still waiting on 2), in order of acceptance,

    1. St. Louis University
    2. Medical College of Wisconsin
    3. Boston University
    4. University of Texas at Houston

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    MGO said...

    Congratulations!! That's such a big decision - now you know where you'll be for the next several years. Of course, it's also great to hear you'll be in the same city as your Houston friends and family. I'm truly happy for you.