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    Saturday, February 11, 2006

    Video blogging

    Cracking the vlog scene isn't all it's cracked up to be. I've been on the internet at some cafe for an hour and a half setting up account after account on pages such as blip.tv and internet archive and ourmedia to finally get in the position to post a video. Gee wiz!

    Anyway, all this means is that hopefully, by tomorrow, I will have my first video posted, and things will get better from there. Please remember that I am working out the kinks on this vlog thing, since I am trying to do it for free. Any comments and suggestions on how to do it more efficiently and user-friendly are much appreciated.

    On that note, this is one more straw on the back of free blogging. I'm not even a big blogger, but I'm seriously thinking of putting money into it. For $25, I can get a pro flickr account--something seriously awesome, and for $5 a month I can get an audioblog.com account--making all this videoblogging thing easy.

    I dunno...a med student's life is poor as it is, but some things are just necessary...

    hey, they'd make good birthday presents (hint hint).

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