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    Sunday, February 05, 2006

    Super Steelers

    Awesome. My first superbowl outside America. What did I get? No cool superbowl commercials. All commercials were old replays of Wimbledon--serious. I saw Stefan Edberg play Bjorn Borg, and Mcenroe, Pat Cash, wow, all the old players. Short shorts and small rackets.

    The game? Poorly played. Honestly, I thought going into the game that the Steelers were not the better team. Watchig the game today, I still feel that way. The difference is that they didn't play as bad as the Seahawks. Both teams were shades of their usual selves. The 21-10 score doesn't show the true close game it was, but it also doesn't show the horrid nature of the game. Smith (receiver for Seahawks) dropped nearly as many balls as I do in a typical pickup game. The Seahawks' kicker missed two field goals by mere feet. Two of their touchdowns were called back--one by a very iffy pass interference call, and another because the receive went out of bounds (yet hit the pylon?).

    The steelers, having a chance to ice the game, see Roethlisberger's lame duck picked off and returned 76 yards. Ugliest pass I've ever seen. Luckily, the steelers secretly have a second quarterback on the field at all times, to throw beautiful touchdown passes to Hines Ward when Roethlisberger becomes mortal (which isn't all that often, but was today).

    So, I am elated that the Steelers won, that Bettis got a ring, that Cowher gets vindicated, but I am disappointed in the play by all. Well, except for Bjorn Borg. Man, that guy could play...

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