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    Thursday, September 22, 2005

    Evacuating Houston

    I'm talking to my dad right now and my family might not be able to get out of town before Rita. Here's a picture of the freeway right by my house.


    Right now the thinking is to get to College Station and stay with my friend Vinh who is at Texas A&M Medical School and his wife Polly. However, I'm very concerned that their window to leave is over. My dad says the news is reporting heart attacks and strokes from people who are trying to drive in 100 degree heat without air conditioning to save gas, and cars running out of gas because of all the idling. Texas is only opening the southbound lanes for northbound traffic for 100 miles on I-45, meaning that things will get very crazy.

    I just talked to my friend Matt, blogger at Action-at-a-distance, who's staying in Houston. He wanted to leave at 3am this morning, but he saw that all the people who left yesterday evening are back in their homes. Some people are taking 13 hours to go from South Houston to North Houston. He's going to his in-law's house and staying there with a matress to protect from flying objects. He says his cell phone has been down for two days. He thought about taking an airplane from Austin, but he said the tickets were going fast as he looked at them.

    My mother said there was only one airline ticket available for any airline going anywhere in the lower 48 states.

    My best friend Dennis, from Revelation-Interactive, a programming company, is also staying. His grandmother evacuated from Galveston to Huntsville, but he and his parents are staying put. He says most of the people in his neighborhood are staying put. They haven't even boarded up their windows. Just trimmed trees.

    It looks like Harris county might not get the eye, but I'm still worried.

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