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    Wednesday, September 28, 2005

    And now, without further ado: the Google PC

    A couple weeks ago Matt at Action-at-a-distance, Dennis, and I were discussing the viability of a Google OS. I felt strongly then that Google not only could make an OS, but would. However, Dennis, who is much more computer saavy than I am, put me in my place. The little things are too problematic for Google to do it.

    However, now I've found this. Instead of making an OS, Google will go for the PC. It's a little different twist on my idea, but I think it can and will happen.

    And now, without further ado: the Google PC by ZDNet's David Berlind -- In writing Now's the time for the network computer, my colleague and fellow blogger Dana Gardner has it all wrong. OK, maybe half wrong. The network computer bit is 100 percent dead-on. It's the Oracle part he has wrong.To everybody including Novell CEO Jack Messman who thinks Microsoft's forthcoming version of Windows (Vista) will be [...]

    Just look at it like this:

    Google has used AJAX (in Gmail for example) to make websites run like applications.
    Verizon gives broadband access over its cell phone access worldwide.
    Xdrive and other companies give gigabytes of online storage. There's even
    GMail Drive that turns your Gmail account space into hard disk storage space.

    What does application ability, storage space, and boundless connectivity equal?? Sounds like a computer to me...

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