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    Tuesday, March 23, 2010

    Will the Madness Subside?

    Well, March Madness really was mad. Round 2 was not as crazy as round 1, but there are some significant bracket busters into the Sweet 16. All that has made this year's 3rd Annual TBE Play for a Cause the most crazy one yet.

    For example, I thought I was pretty safe with Kansas to win it all, and my gamble was BYU to the final four. If BYU could get past Kansas St., they would have the next two games in Salt Lake City, and would have a really good chance of going to the final four. Unfortunately, BYU laid an egg over the last 10 minutes of the first half against K-State and never recovered (It didn't help that the refs allowed K-state to basically mug players on the court). I suggest investing in firearms and personal bodyguards the next time someone has to play those thugs.

    Because of Kansas' early loss to Northern Iowa (can you have a North & South if your state is that small?) and Villanova playing like scrubs, and my gamble failing, most of my future points hinge on Kentucky making the championship game. But they're playing Cornell, who I love, so I'm forced to root against myself.

    All this craziness has Star of Hope in the lead, followed closely by Teach for America and the Forever Young Foundation. However, when we look at possible points remaining (PPR), we see some interesting things:

    Charity: Points + PPR = Possible Total
    Star of Hope: 430 + 400 = 830
    Teach for America: 420 + 800 = 1220
    Forever Young Foundation: 410 + 840 = 1250
    Epilepsy Foundation: 320 + 40 = 360
    Phú Mỹ Orphanage: 410 +520 = 930
    Pazapa Center for Handicapped Children: 380 + 440 = 820
    Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation: 370 + 800 = 1170
    LDS Charities: 370 + 960 = 1330
    TBA (MGO_Undecided): 350 + 960 = 1310
    Jesus House: 350 + 840 = 1190
    Doctors Without Borders, USA: 350 + 480 = 830
    Action For Healthy Kids: 340 + 600 = 940

    The race has really narrowed to the six charities in italics above. LDS Charities has the most total points possible.

    Unfortunately, the Epilepsy Foundation takes this year's Lovable Loser award (yes, I made it up right now, for the first charity mathematically eliminated). You get a pat on the back, and a suggestion to never, NEVER choose Temple to win it all.

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