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    Friday, March 19, 2010

    Crazy Day 1

    A very crazy day 1 is in the books. ESPN said they had over 4.8 million brackets in their contest, and after yesterday, only 56 were still perfect. Insane.

    On the good side, my BYU won. It took them coughing up a 13 point lead and two overtimes, but they finally shook that first-round-loss monkey off their backs. On to the final four!

    I made an error this year with the competition. I told everyone the deadline was Thursday at noon, because I thought that was when the first game started. However, I forgot that ESPN locked the brackets in the morning. So, at least 4 people who told me they'd play didn't get to sign up. I have brackets from 2 of them, filled out before the first game's result was known. I will link to them once they are digital so everyone can see them. Transparency. Amazing isn't it.

    Congratulations to Tuấn (Vince) for winning the first day. You get nothing. Sorry. But I do wish you continued success in the tourney. These first round games really set the tone for what comes later.

    Finally, thanks again to everyone who's playing this year. We'll raise the most money ever in TBE's Play For A Cause lifetime. Hopefully, by this time next year you'll be able to go to an official website for my new non-profit organization, Play For A Cause - as I try to expand this idea to other people and other events.

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