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    Thursday, April 02, 2009

    Are All Charities Good?

    With the success of another TBE Play For a Cause campaign evident, and the economy in throes, the non-profit organizations we play for have taken a larger place in my little brain lately.

    Not all charities are created equal. This thought gained prominence when I stumbled across a blog about Diabetes while trying to help Dennis find a Diabetes charity to represent. This blog, Diabetes Developments, had a post describing the largest diabetes charities and their efficiency.

    He steered me towards a great website, Charity Navigator, that gives you the information to make a good decision on who to support.

    Look at diabetes organizations. The largest are probably the American Diabetes Association (ADA), the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International, Diabetes Research Institute Foundation, Joslin Diabetes Center, and Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation.

    Charity Navigator lets you know how much of their budget is spent on programs (which is what you are donating to support), administration, and fundraising (yes, money to ask for more money). Granted, no charity can exist with $0 in admin and fundraising, because people who work full-time for these organizations must be compensated, and it takes money to advertise a cause to get people to support you. BUT, obviously an organization that spends 90% of its money on programs is more efficient than one that spends 70%.

    Here's how Charity Navigator stacks up the aforementioned diabetes organizations:

    And, just so you know, here's how Heifer International, last year's winner, stacks up:

    What surprised me was the ADA. They are so large, so well known, and looking at this, you find out that giving money to them is a waste. The money's better spent on one of the other diabetes organizations.

    So next time you give, maybe you'll look a little first. It doesn't hurt to make sure your money is being used how you really want it.


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    Sara said...

    Wow--I really like the Charity Navigator site! I'm glad you posted this because it's good to know who you're contributing to, and whether or not your donation will have any shot at making a difference.