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    Sunday, March 29, 2009

    TBE Play For a Cause 2009 Final Four Update

    Well, we've gone through two weekends of March Madness, and found ourselves at the Final Four. Interestingly, just as this year's tourney has been different than the past four or five (very few upsets and few close games in the later rounds), this year's pool is very different from last year.

    Last year, entering the Final Four, any number of people could win. Heifer International ended up coming from behind to take the crown by virtue of Kansas' championship over Memphis.

    This year, Dennis, who hasn't even picked a charity yet, zoomed from the bottom to the top of the pack with his stellar Sweet Sixteen picking, and held on through the Elite 8. Conversely, many a soul, including yours truly, is out after picking Louisville or Memphis to win it all.

    So, with the Final Four coming this Saturday, the race of 9 has now become a race of two. If UCONN wins it's Final Four game, and UNC loses to Villanova, then Sara and Autism Speaks wins the pot. If however, UNC beats Villanova, then nothing else matters and Dennis better figure out a charity to accept all our hard earned cash.

    Congrats to all who've played, and made this year even better than last. Pick your side, for the battle will be fierce. UCONN and Autism Speaks vs UNC and TBA.

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    Triet said...

    So, Dennis is now playing for a diabetes charity. Currently (pending approval) it's the Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation.