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    Tuesday, July 31, 2007

    Oh, the humanity! v2.0

    Fourteen months ago, I suffered a terrible loss. I've never been a fascionista, down with the latest trends, super GQ guy. I wear what my wife tells me looks good, and since she's almost always right, I do ok. I just won't wear pink ties.

    One constant to my wardrobe (not a malfunction...) was my hat. One day, fourteen months ago, at the Go Vap VATC, I put my hat down and never saw it again.

    I died a little inside that day.

    This is my new hat! My problem was that I could not find it when I shopped around. My wife thought (thinks?) that I was crazy. You see, I could find the University of Texas hat with the longhorn on the front, in the new "z-fit" (zephyr's version of the mild elastic band that allows for semi-fitted hats) or in fitted styles, but I could only find the "T" logo on front in the "z-fit" style.

    So, at academy, I broke down and bought the "T" with the elastic fit. I brought it home. I tried it on. It was ok ... perhaps, if I had never had my beloved hat v1.0, I wouldn't have cared, but to be honest, the elastic fit that every hat maker is selling now is not as comfortable as a true fitted hat. I wanted my 7 1/4. So, I jumped online, found headhound.com, and found my hat--exactly the "T" and the fit.

    And now, every day is a little brighter, because I am me again. That funny guy with the orange "T" hat.


    Anonymous said...

    You are crazy...

    Triet said...

    My wife says that!

    Sara said...
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    Linh said...

    When you were in VN, I was impressed with your orange hat.Does " T " stand for Triet ? A funny guy with the orange hat !

    Triet said...

    Sara left this comment:

    [Triet]...a T-Sip hat?? Ugh, how can I ever look at you the same again?

    *à la Michael Corleone*
    You broke my heart. You broke my heart.

    Triet said...


    I got my orange hat from a mall (a place similar to Diamond or Parkson, but larger) in Provo, Utah because I wanted something to show my origins while away from home.

    "T" stands for the University of Texas. It's symbol is a longhorn--that's a cow with two very long horns--and my hat has that symbol on it's back (I added a picture of a hat with a longhorn logo to the slideshow. just click on the picture in the post to see what it looks like).

    I also picked it because orange is my favorite color, instead of a hat for Texas A&M University (maroon), the rival university.

    Finally, you are right ... since most people know me as "Triet," I did get the hat with a "T" on the front because it's the first letter of my name!