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    Friday, April 13, 2007

    New Edition to the TBE Family

    As I mentioned in my last post, Vicissitude, life is a series of ups and downs, circling constantly back around on itself. It really is a series of stages of awareness--to self, others, God.

    Along the way, we enter into the vicissitudes of humanity, contributing consciously and without effort, to the upswing in the wave and the downswing. It is a matter of debate whether or not the wave circles back on itself--whether "history repeats itself." It is a greater debate whether we, as individuals, can affect the outcome of humanity on a macroscopic scale. I believe it does repeat itself, and I believe we can change that.

    So, back in January I learned that I was joining humanity as it repeated itself. My wife came yelled at me from the bathroom while I was studying.

    Anh! Come see this!
    This is what I saw:
    "Am I pregnant?" she asked.

    "Well, when are you supposed to have your period?" I replied.

    "This week," she answered. "I haven't started yet."

    "Well then you better wait. The second line is faint. Maybe, maybe not."

    My lovely wife did not heed my advice, quite usual in our family, and used another test the next day.

    Again, I told her to wait.
    "Em, usually the female body does not make that hormone unless you are pregnant, however, I don't know how sensitive the tests are or your specific hormonal makeup, so just wait a week and do it again. It won't change anything." I cautioned.

    Obviously, that did nothing to calm her curiosity--I mean who wouldn't want to know right away if there's a life growing inside them?--but this time she waited (it also helped that she had no more test sticks). On the other hand, I knew pretty well that those tests are 99.99% accurate, and a healthy non-pregnant body should have NO hCG hormone. In all likelihood she was pregnant. That 0.01% wrong is usally a false NEGATIVE, not false positive.

    A week later, she grabbed another box of sticks and tested herself again. The results confirmed my suspicions.

    Needless to say, we were very excited. My wife immediately started dreaming up ways to paint my study room into a nursery, and looking at maternity clothes. I just stared at the wall wondering how I'm gonna do school and be a dad. She didn't want to tell anyone until we saw the ultrasound, but after about one week she broke down and told my mother.

    Then, the second week of March, we went to the doctor and saw the little blogger for the first time. Here is the new edition to The Bleeding Ear:

    The doc forcasts his/her first blog to be about October 22, 2007. We find out the gender in June-ish. (You can see at the bottom of the ultrasound, the new blogger is currently 1.69cm long, at the 8 week mark, and the computer's due date)

    And so, I am now filling the role my parents went through some 28 years ago. My life is definitely on the upslope of the wave. Ah, the vicissitudes of life!


    xanghe said...

    Dude!!!!! You about made me weep, man! This is the best thing I've heard for awhile, I'm so excited for you. I can't believe it - the world better watch out, we're about to have a superhuman on our hands, what with you and Thi's genes. I love it - A little Triet, kickin' marbles up Galway and bloggin' up a storm. Wow...

    BMV said...

    Congratulation!!!! Please stop making my husband yearn for babies. We are not ready! Just like you guys, first you make him want to get married, now you make him want to have babies... geez is there no end? Thi, way to go on showing your husband what to do with his advice! Best to you both (actually the "THREE" of you... or "FOUR"???)

    Susan said...

    Congratulations!!! Until OCtober, you will be a dad. You will be busy for awhile(go shopping to buy maternity clothes for your wife , clothes for your baby..many thing to do.)Its'n easy to be dad.BUt it's ok, you can do it well. Co gang len !^_^

    Triet said...

    Thank you for all the kind words. Life has truly become crazy and fun. I enjoy rubbing my wife's growing womb! She thinks it's huge and I don't think anyone even notices that she's pregnant yet!

    She was talking today about how I'm going to lose my study room...

    It makes life more hectic and crazy because I don't know what's happening this summer. I would go to Vietnam, but I'm not sure if I should leave her, or use the money, when we have a baby on the way. On the other hand, if I don't go now, my last chance to see Vietnam will be Christmas. After that, it'll be years before I'm free enough to return...

    VietPundit said...