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    Tuesday, April 04, 2006

    Tags and Categories

    Well, I've added some new blogs to the blogroll. Look to the side and you'll see blogger hacks, ecmanaut, freshblog, and the last word. All are blogs dealing with blogger hacks, coding, and making life easier for a starving blogger using blogspot.

    Hopefully, this post will be the first of many to be tagged with del.icio.us tags and eventually that will be used to form categories...that's the hope at least. Until then, enjoy my new drop down menus for archives and recent posts.


    John said...


    Looks good! Welcome aboard. Will add you to the blogroll asap.

    On retrofitting tags: We're working on a tag spider that will grab keywords out of your posts and add the tags for you. We're not there yet. For help w/ the situation as it now stands, see Greg's excellent Retro-Fitting Tags to your Posts, and if you hear of an easier way, let us know, because we'll be all over it.

    One possible solution would be to bookmark your posts on Del.icio.us without adding tags to them. Readers will be able to find your previous content in your del.icio.us acct, and you'll continue to build a collection of fully tagged new material.

    On Cookies. Can't help you too much. Will forward the msg. to Greg & see if there's anything that can be done.

    As for the recent post drop-down: I see that it knocks your archive menu off. If you're willing to e-mail me the text of your template, I'd be happy to see if I can fix it....

    Very cool!!

    Aditya said...

    Hey Triet,
    Thanks for the link! :)

    I went through your code, and the only reason why I didn't adopt that was that (as you'll see) the expand post link appears even on your post page. It is common logic that if someone is your post page, they do want to read your whole post. That is the little dillema that I've tried to solve with this piece of code.

    Plus it also saves the end user, who might/might not have an understanding of HTML to use it, because all they'll have to do is add the [hide][/hide] containers, and the rest is done by the code! :)

    Welcome to the jungle! :D

    skyscraper said...


    i read your comment on how you've perfected the hide/unhide post code on somebody else's blog just now, but can't seem to locate it here. would you mind sharing it with me, please?

    i've been trying in vain to use different kinds of code that are out there, but nothing has worked for me so far. maybe i'm just not tech-minded enough and keep doing something wrong.

    thanks a lot in advance!