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    Sunday, April 09, 2006

    Comments Bug

    This is a note to readers:

    Recently I instituted a new tagging system using del.icio.us tags to make pseudo-categories. (I love it by the way). However, since then, the comments I've made (only on this blog) have not been preview-able. Is this only me, or do you other readers have problems previewing comments also?

    The del.icio.us system required FreshTags and Greasemonkey for Firefox. So, if it's only me, maybe it has something to do with my Greasemonkey addition. If it's everyone, maybe it's the FreshTags.

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    Triet said...

    My comments seem to be working again. Still, if anyone else noticed this bug for the last couple days, let me know. I'm still wondering if it's a page thing or a browser thing.