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    Thursday, November 24, 2005

    Texas High School Football

    Some of you might have seen Friday Night Lights. If so, you may understand, a little, what high school football is in Texas. Football is life. If you aren't playing football, it must be baseball season. If you're not playing either, you may be stuck on a basketball court, but only because you can't get a place big enough for football or baseball. And if you aren't doing any of that, you just ain't living.

    Knowing this, I was not surprised to see four Texas high schools in the top 25 HS football teams in the nation according to Sports Illustrated. I was not surprised to see Texas have 4 teams in the top 25, more than any other state. Carroll HS, from Southlake, TX took #1, and deserves recognition, but Westfield (Spring, TX--right outside Houston and one I've seen play) took 8th, Lufkin took 18th, and Abilene took 21st.

    So, on such a great football holiday like Thanksgiving, props to Texas High School Football!

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