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    Wednesday, November 09, 2005



    The absence from blogging stemmed from two reasons.

    First, I went to Houston for a medical school interview.
    Second, my computer gave up the ghost and had to be resurrected.

    My interview at UT-Houston was good.  The medical center in downtown Houston never ceases to amaze me, and it’s hard for me to justify going to a school other than UT-H (where I was interviewing) or Baylor (where I interviewed in October) because there is so much at hand for a medical student in the center.

    Unfortunately, not all went well.  Dennis helped me to get my dvd burner working, but it never did.  He did, however, burn all my movies and some anime onto dvds for me so I could free up my harddrive.

    Also, a note of bragging.  My sister is in the nutcracker ballet this winter.

    Now, my computer gave up the ghost…because I was an idiot.  I downloaded a program I shouldn’t have, and BOOM, next thing I know I have five Trojans and 30 someodd spyware programs on my computer.  Then it crashed.  

    Seven hours later, and after several prayers said, I got it booting again.  Today was the finishing-making sure it’s clean of all unwanted malware and reinstalling certain programs devastated by the attack.  

    Summer of ’04 I was in Vietnam, and I saw a kid, probably about 18, who ran the internet cafĂ© I was at, log on to his computer and proceed to use a backdoor to send spam to people all over the world.  My stomach turned then, and it does now.  I think it goes back to my post on decency

    Anyway, I am back.  I have read some very good posts that have me thinking and wanting to respond.  I also have a growing backlog of personal posts mulling around my head and itching to get out.  

    Finally, congrats to Thuan, at The Siege Perilous for his first official publication.

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