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    Monday, April 25, 2005

    Bikini Cuts

    Provo, UT--

    City council members are up in arms over the proposed new Bikini Cuts hair salon. It started in Salt Lake City, and haas two locations, one in West Jordan and one in Sandy, UT.

    Ultimately, I think (to the chagrin of my wife) that Bikini Cuts is a great idea. I believe that it is a great marketing tool for selling hair cuts. A cute girl in a bikini will cut your hair. Now, if you're like me, you're blind when you get your hair cut because they make you take off your glasses. Heck, it could be a man in a bikini and I probably wouldn't know once my glasses are off.

    The true selling point for someone like me is the waiting area. For the first time, a hair salon has guy stuff. Think about waiting for your haircut while watching sportscenter on HD flatscreen televisions, while lounging in a massage chair...and if that's not good enough, you can always pick up the newest copy of your favorite men's magazine--Sports Illustrated, FHM, etc.

    That is why this store is great. It targets the one segment of the population that never truly feels comfortable getting their hair cuts--men.

    Now, don't get me wrong. I think opening a Bikini Cuts in highly mormon Utah county, where the legislature has already said they don't want anything worse than PG around, is bad business. The amount of clients possible is minimal, and no business attracts 100% of possible clients. I don't think the location will survive.

    I also would not take my children to the place. Part of my personal beliefs include teaching them to respect women and girls to respect themselves by not revealing their bodies to others. That's a personal belief. I think Provo and Orem are doing more harm than good by making such a big deal out of this. Girls have the right to wear what they want, work where they want, and if you disagree with the premise of the company, don't do business there and teach your children to live lives that follow your personal and religious beliefs. The power of personal convictions will trump some marketing scheme any day


    Callimachus said...

    Amusing! My friends and I noted way back in the '80s, that, as guys, we had two alternatives for haircuts: A decent, manly clip courtesy of Danny the Barber. Or a three-times-as-expensive, potentially fruity "styling" job by a pretty young girl leaning up against you while she clips the top. We referred to these, respectively, as the "Type B" and "Type A" haircuts. We preferred Type A, and I think we even speculated that someone should take it to the next level and do just what this shop you describe is doing.

    Rudolph said...

    hahahahahah! Utah sheeple are soooo funny! specially the writer in which he excuses himself saying that he "did not see" anything because he had his glasses off! How did he get into the haircut salon in the first place? with his eyes closed? I think not! it is the same old "I didn't inhale" routine from slick willie clinton. I am sure that by MISTAKE he went to the liquor store!

    I would go Bikini cuts because I celebrate woman's beauty. I do not cover my "virgin" eyes specially when a pretty skinny woman cuts my hair. But I don't go there because I am a cheap skate. I get haircuts in a military base when possible.

    I am sure the writer's wife and daughters wear burkas at all times, to prevent his virgin eyes seeing the female figure... And we worry about the muslims in the middle east... when they are ALREADY HERE getting haircuts at Bikini cuts!

    Soorrrry... I can't stop laughing.

    Good for you, Bikini cuts! my son had his haircut at the WJ location and he loved it. And I don't see him raping armadillos on the streets. and he is not going blind either.

    Enjoy your beauty and skill.

    Take care,

    Rudi Mena

    Triet said...


    You've obviously misread my post. I mentioned being blind AFTER I TOOK MY GLASSES OFF because I have bad eyesight. That's why it wouldn't matter who cut my hair. Perhaps you keep your glasses on during haircuts, but I've never met someone who would let me - and I know that without them on, any hair salon is nothing more than a blur.

    And then I went on to specifically say I'd enjoy the waiting area! I'm really not sure if you read the article at all.

    I was wrong six years ago when I wrote the post. I though the location wouldn't do well because of the Mormon locale, and it seems to have done just fine.

    Living in a sane, warm locale as I do, seeing people in bikinis is not extraordinary. They now have similar places in many cities I've visited in the southern USA.

    Oh, and my wife is quite attractive, my children super cute, and I've never bought a burka in my life.

    Linh said...