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    Saturday, March 21, 2015

    March Madness Underway

    Congrats to all who joined the pool this year. Looks like we will be down from last year - some attrition due to babies born recently, etc., but well over $100 will be raised regardless. And that's wonderful.

    The first round (I don't count the First Four as a separate round) has proven NOT to disappoint. Gone our the "traditional" 5-12 upsets and now we have 4-13 upsets! Hopefully, that killed my bracket just as much as anyone else. And the ONE guy who actually got the entire first round correct.... crazy! (not in our pool)

    Here is the current leaderboard:

    As always, your's truly is NOT on the list. But, most of the 16 brackets in the pool are very close together - anything can happen over the next few days - especially if the officials keep blowing calls at the end of games or giving technicals to coaches for no reason.

    I also enjoy seeing the variety of charities chosen this year. Every year I learn about wonderful groups doing good work that's woefully unrecognized. Polaris and Camp Spike and Wave are only two examples this year.

    If you haven't chosen a charity, pick one now and change the name of your bracket (or tell me). Watch the games. May the best bracket win!

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