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    Saturday, June 30, 2012

    Global Health Vietnam: An Overview

    I have had this blog for quite some time, and have written extensively about my experiences in vie team. However, this trip marks another first: the first time i am an actual physician and responsible for treating people here. As a third-year pediatric resident, i have had many "firsts" medically over the last two years. Now i am the first resident from my program, Our Lady of the Lake Children's Hospital (OLOL), to do an international elective.

    I set this rotation up in collaboration with my boss, Dr. Roberta Vicari, with the hope of establishing a perpetuating global health experience that helps those less fortunate, develops resident medical skills and empathy, and furthers the mission of OLOL.

    So, over the next five weeks, i hope to blog various posts about my experience. Perhaps we will all learn about the Vietnamese, their culture, and their medical care together. I look forward to sharing this time with you, and maybe next time our roles will be reversed. Feel free to comment, question, or pontificate on my posts. Social collaboration is key!

    Tam biet!

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