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    Thursday, March 17, 2011

    March Madness 2011 ... Go!

    My favorite time of year is here - March Madness. In fact, you could say Opening Day is my second favorite holiday (behind Halloween of course).

    On twitter, @RossTuckerNFL, a sportswriter for ESPN, said

    My parents used to let me stay home from school on first day of NCAA tourney if my grades were good. That's just stellar parenting ...

    Awesomest. Parents. Ever. (sorry mom & dad. I still love you.)

    Excepting the new "First Four," which stunk worse than a hog pen with diarrhea, this year has done nothing but live up to the hype. Four of the first five games ended on last second shots. The rest were close for a good ways. BYU is still in it.

    And of course, we have a new pool. This year has 11 people, and would have had two more but a few stalwarts missed the deadline to submit brackets. So, I can't say we've increased our numbers every year. BUT ... we added a lot of new people this year, so the fever is growing.* With help from my brother, next year will be on its own webpage with easy to use brackets and tax deductible donations!

    So, congratulations to those surviving the first day of upsets in the lead.

    *I've got a fever. The only cure for it is MORE COWBELL!

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