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    Tuesday, December 21, 2010


    Yesterday was the Kiwanis of Baton Rouge Pancake Breakfast. $4.50 got me unlimited pancakes and sausage, and either milk or juice. For $0.50, you could get extra drinks. Wonderful. It was held at the Maravich center on LSU campus from 6 am to noon. Great location, time, and food. 

    I blog about it to highlight a couple points. 

    First, I only heard about it at the last minute from my attending. This is common here on Baton Rouge: advertising ineptitude. I searched for it online, and only found something accurate after probably 10 minutes of googling. I am a proficient computer user. It should never take ms 10 minutes to google anything. 

    Secondly, I've eaten there and I still don't know what it was for. Where is the money going? Who will it benefit? So a horrible job of advertising during the show happened too. 

    This might be a great object lesson for future businessmen or physicians (who are businessmen too). Physicians have the opportunity to teach about healthy living before during and after visits. This is especially critical in pediatrics, where we have to teach parents and patients. 

    The breakfast had an art wall to showcase student artwork, a face painting area, a stage for little children talent competitions, a first aid area, and an area selling jewelry and Christmas ornaments. They knew how to sell things, but not how to make lasting impressions. 

    So too, physicians know how to do things. We currently think procedurally - do that I&D, place that central line, even "educate that patient." health isn't viewed on a continuum hence the disconnect between the advertising and the outcome often comes into play.

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