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    Thursday, January 08, 2009

    Chuck Norris Votes Utah #1

    What happened to the good old days, where teams that went undefeated were awarded the National Championship? Oh yeah, ESPN and the BCS...that's what happened.

    Congrats to Florida, for finishing a blemished season with an ugly win over a good Oklahoma team, but seriously, what the heck???

    Tebow's great, and Florida's a good team, but if Stoops hadn't gone for it twice in the red zone in the first half, that last touchdown would have barely put them up, and the end would have had a much different tenor. Plus, Texas was clearly better than OK this season.

    Utah beat Alabama 31-17, and Florida beat 'Bama 31-20. Utah beat Oregon State the week after USC lost to Mr. Rodgers in his neighborhood. So Utah's better in head-to-head matchups than Florida and USC, and Florida beat Oklahoma, so only Texas is really out of the loop.

    So what's the truth? Well, the truth is that the BCS probably breaks the Sherman Antitrust Law, but it also probably has the pockets of people that would adjudicate that, as well as the hearts of many prosecutors and defense attorneys who would litigate it. The truth is the BCS will never give a school from outside those 6 arbitrarily magical conferences a fair shake. The truth is we'll never know who is truly the best team because the current system is WORSE than the bowl system ante-bowl-alliance.

    No, scratch that last sentence. The truth is, Utah is the the true #1, for one simple little-known fact -- Chuck Norris plays for Utah. And we all know, Chuck Norris kills all who oppose him with sharp roundhouse kicks. You can't be national champions if you're dead.

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