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    Tuesday, November 18, 2008

    I love (miss) X96

    So, leaving Utah, there have been (surprisingly, for me) many things that I have missed. I've actually missed the snow, devotionals, hydroplaning in my car on ice, late nights at Walmart, freezing bleachers for BYU football games, enlightening classes, J Dawgs, mountain biking, and great people.

    But perhaps the thing I miss most of Utah is X96. It's easily in the top 2 radio stations I've EVER heard. I never realized how much its morning show, "Radio From Hell," was a part of my day until I moved back to Houston from medical school and didn't have it. I spent many mornings streaming it online while studying biochemistry. Even today, as I finished up my work at the hospital, and went to study pediatrics, I had that irresistible urge to listen to Kerry, Bill, and Gina. iTunes now has a podcast of it, and calls it,

    "Radio From Hell is the longest running radio program in the Salt Lake City-area market, and is consistently one of the top-rated programs in the area. ... Rolling Stone cited KXRK as one of the top-five rock and roll stations in the U.S."

    Yesterday I was doubly blessed, because while feeding my hunger for X96, Corey O'Brien, the DJ from 2pm to 7pm MST, released ten codes to download the new Nickleback album, Dark Horse, for free. What do you know? I got one! Bonus! When I get home, I'll listen to the new album and let you know how it is.


    Triet said...

    So, I've listened to the whole album, Dark Horse, two times through now. It's good. It's stronger than some of their older stuff -- at least their radio singles. Harder, edgier. But that's good. I like how it's bent. After I listen a little more, I may break down some songs for y'all.

    And if I can figure out how, I'd put some snippets up for y'all to listen to.

    Sara said...

    I agree--Radio From Hell is one of the best, if not the best, morning radio show I've ever heard. They're witty, smart, funny, knowledgeable, and just really high quality. I really miss them, and the Boner of the Day!

    In St. Louis, we like our alternative station's morning show--the guy plays a lot of music, but our only other option is Bob & Tom...and I can't stand them. They are not funny, and they laugh at every. little. stupid. thing! LOL, sorry...especially if you like them.